Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving blessings

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. We were able to enjoy a very wonderful time with mom, dad, Rich, Sheryl, Elizabeth, Emily and our good friend Jocelyn. We had plenty of delicious food and lots of things to give thanks for. Even though mom started her chemo for the liver cancer, we was well enough to have a good appetite.

Last week my mom had gold seeds implanted into her pancreas. They will use these as markers when she begins the CyberKnife treatment. She got a pneuma thorax (air pocket in her lung)because they had to go through her lung to implant the seeds. They are watching this very closely because if it gets worse, her lung could collapse.

The CyberKnife will be a series of 5 treatments. She will also be getting CT scan series next week so that they can prepare for the CyberKnife.

On Monday, Nov 30, she will also get chemoembolization, which will put a seed of time released, chemo into the tumor in her liver. This will also be a series over the about 18 weeks.

It has gotten quite complicated because of the 2 different cancers. It's amazing that what treatment works for one, won't work for the other...

We thank God for the miraculous way her pancreatic cancer is shrinking and are trusting in him to do the same for her liver cancer.

Thank you for your prayers and love for my mom and for all of us.



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