Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cyber Knife

We got a call from the Radiology Oncologist. My mom will start the Cyber Knife treatment on Monday afternoon. This is a robotic radiosurgery system. Please pray for God's protection and wisdom and guidance for the medical staff as she undergoes the treatments. This treatment is for the pancreatic cancer and will be a series of 5 treatments.

She is now taking oral chemotherapy for the liver cancer and is receiving chemo embolization therapy as well. She has 2 more to go! Fortunately they are spaced 6 weeks apart as the procedure was painful and had difficult side effects. SHe's feeling much better now.

People have asked me how these treatments work... so I thought it was easier to direct people to these sites rather than try to explain with my limited understanding. I'm so thankful that we can trust in God and not have to lean on our own understanding!!

Chemo embolization:


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